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After a careful range-of-motion examination, my chiropractic adjustments are either by hands only or with an activator instrument.  Either method yields good results. For older patients and younger children, the Activator Method will work just fine... it is very gentle. Otherwise, the preferred method of adjusting is by hands-only. A gentle movement to release and correct the position of the spinal vertebrae will usually improve joint stiffness, muscle spasm, pain, and other nerve and muscle-related symptoms.

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Traditional medical treatment for back pain consists of pain pills, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Although pain pills are often required for symptom relief, they do not resolve the underlying problem. Anti-inflammatory drugs may provide relief by reducing the swelling that accompanies most back problems. However, prolonged use of anti-inflammatory drugs may actually slow recovery by reducing the swelling needed for healing. Muscle-relaxing drugs, on the other hand, can be counter-productive by eliminating the natural splinting action required to protect unstable joints.

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"Dr. Richard Oberheu has been a blessing and support to me and my daughter. He is always available to keep me pain free and in working order as I serve my students."

- Mary